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Beautiful Smile to Hide the Pain

8 March 1988

the girl;

Lisa. 21. texas. random. passionate. shipper crazy. friendly. grammar freak. loves the word uber.

the ships;

tv shows: lucas/peyton, jason/sam, dan/blair, barney/robin, austin/ally, cate/baze, jackie/hyde, diego/roberta, dul/ucker, john/cameron, jeff/annie, brian/justin, simon/alisha, toby/emily, cook/effy, lux/sam, marshall/lilly, troy/britta, justin/alex, derek/casey, bright/hannah, ephram/amy, pacey/joey, jack/jen, buffy/angel, cordy/angel, donna/david, seth/summer, sheldon/penny, cal/chloe, rita/chris, jt/dana, tiffany/jake, zack/kelly, shawn/topanga, cory/topanga, mia/miguel.

movies: landon/jamie, josh/cher, noah/allie, alex/gigi, robert/giselle, austin/sam, will/april, elizabeth/david, matt/jenna.

books: edward/bella, jasper/alice, emerson/christopher, annabel/owen.

real-life: robert/kristen, jeff/jordan, dulce/christopher, selena/david.

the favorites;

tv shows: one tree hill, general hospital, how i met your mother, misfits, community, austin & ally, pretty little liars, being human, terminator: the sarah connor chronicles, rebelde, that 70s show, big brother, queer as folk, wizards of waverly place, life with derek, dawson's creek, everwood, saved by the bell, step by step, boy meets world.

movies: enchanted, clueless, twilight, star trek, he's just not that into you, a walk to remember, final destination, chasing liberty, city of angels, just my luck, just like heaven, she's all that, how to lose a guy in 10 days, 10 things i hate about you, she's the man, what a girl wants, cruel intentions, the hills have eyes, child's play, center stage, coyote ugly, dirty dancing, ghost, grease, crybaby, never been kissed, mean girls, bring it on, the house bunny, the breakfast club, finding nemo, i know what you did last summer, jersey girl, legally blonde, penelope.

music: rbd, r5, justin timberlake, john nathaniel, lifehouse, one republic, the fray, kings of leon, sarah mclachlan, tyler hilton, a fine frenzy, colbie caillat, david cook, trading yesterday, oasis, snow patrol, coldplay, keane, augustana, stereophonics, dashboard confessional, secondhand serenade, blue october, aqualung, neon trees.
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